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Re: Terrible heating in 4kcsq.

Jamie Hayes writes:
> 	How do you folks farther north cope with this?  I hate it (wait a
> minute, I still love the car though)!!

Just close your center vent.  The side vents flow heated air.  ALso, you can
direct more airflow to the footwell vents for increased heating.  You
really don't want too much warm air blowing on your face anyway, as that
could cause drowsiness.  You'll notice that on most automatic climate
control systems (like those on the bigger and facier Audis), the heating
arrangement is for the heat to come mostly out the footwell vents and
defrost vents, and only a little out of the dash vents...

> Has anyone on the list had any
> experience with modifying their car to include warm air from the center
> vents?  Any ideas for a cure would be warmly appreciated.

Huw Powell did just that.  Although I am not sure I'd go through all that
trouble just for this (it involves re-routing some air ducts inside the
dash, but he was swapping dashboards anyway...).

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