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Re: light upgrade (downgrade?)

Lee Levitt writes:
> On my 1990 200T, with the short wide lamps w/city lights, will the quad set
> up work? I know I can get it to work *electrically*...the question is how
> will it work esthetically? Will the quad buckets match up to my grille?
> Also, I have those skinny (useless?) outboard reflectors...would those get
> replaced with older style reflectors?
> What's the best donor year? What parts will I need beyond the buckets and
> surrounds? Grille? New side reflectors? Am I knutz?

You will need to replace the grille and other related hardware.  The
bezel for the quad light is a different shape than the factory lights
on your car.  Aesthetically speaking these are a downgrade from your
existing setup, but this is a cheaper way to H4 lights.

The only possible donor cars are the 1984-85 US spec Audi 5000S and
5000S Turbo.

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