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Re: Wipers & Climate Control

Matt Howe writes:
> The other problem is the climate control system, to get "auto" or any of the
> other functions to work, I must first set it to defrost, then to the mode I
> want.  This is not really a big deal, but it's kind of annoying.

Bad "blower fan thermal switch".  This switch is supposed to close
when the engine warms up.  It's function is to prevent the blower fan
from blasting cold air into the car before the engine has had a chance
to warm.  On non-turbo 5K cars, this switch located near the #1 cylinder
and on turbos, in the coolant pipe just under the warm up regulator.
The defrost mode overrides the thermo switch.

> The thing
> that really bothers me is, when I switch off the key, sometimes the CC (fans
> and all) stays on, even if I remove the key.  If I switch the key off & on
> several times, it will turn off eventually.  I cannot seem to find a pattern
> for this problem, I'd say about one out of 4 times I shut the car off, the
> CC stays on.

A bad ignition switch?

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