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Re: In persuit if the infamous codes the rev counter jumps to 7200rpm, and other anomalies..

Kenn Thyrsted Nielsen writes:
> >What you describe here sounds like the "code pulling" sequence that's
> >used on the 84-85 5000S Turbo cars (KH engine).  You activate both
> >the full throttle and idle switches, the tach shows 7000rpm.  You
> >then press the brake pedal once and read the tach.  Depending on
> >what the tach reads and whether the "check engine" light is on
> >you look things up in the Bentley chart to get the message.  If there
> >are more codes stored, press brake pedal again to repeat... etc.
> Hmmm...
> Whats the ECU version on that one ?
> Mine is MAC-06A, and i'm beginning to have a bad feeling 'bout it for an =
> '87 200TQ. :-(

My 84 5000S Turbo's ECU is a MAC-07 (Audi part # 035 905 383H).  The engine
code is KH.

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84 5000S 2.1 turbo
80 4000 2.0
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