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Re: 5KT: Mysterious intermittent stall

   > Has this happened to anyone out there?  My '85 5KT (154K) will
   >         occasionally (a) stall while coming to a stop, and (b) not
   >         start for a few minutes. So far, it has always started fine
   >         after letting it sit for a few minutes.

   You have a vacuum leak! Inspect those hoses again. BTDT.

I concur!

In my case, a small tear (suspiciously about the size/shape of the
business end of a medium slotted screwdriver...) in the air hose from
the metering body to the turbo. It was non-obvious, to say the least.
The small flap would normally "wedge" shut and the car operated fine.

On random/sporadic/unpredictable occasion, the flap would bounce
open, and the car would die at idle, and be a real &^$%^$ to re-start
(warm), usually at a traffic-light-just-turned-green, with a lot of
[impatient] cars behind me.