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Re: Terrible heating in 4kcsq.

   > yes the center vent only has cold air. why? who the hell knows. Audi does
   > away with this ridiculous system when the 80/90 series replaced the 4000.

   Always made perfect sense to me.

Fooey!  (IMHO)

   If you can't get the car warm using the footwell, side and screen vents then 
   there's something seriously wrong with your heater.  At that point, I suppose, 

Typical performance on my UrQ (last night circa 0 to 5 degrees F, my
20 mile drive home never fully warmed up the passenger compartment).
In particular, I would like to blow *warm* air on my hands, both of
them, not just the "outside" hand (with 5F air on the "center" hand).

					- [still shivering] RDH