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Re: Re: UR-Q daily drivers

At risk of being called "a damn fool" in yet another area I will admit to
using my 83 Ur Q as my daily driver. I have two kids, 19 and 21, both in
college. We have two other vehicles, an 87cgt automatic (the kid's car) and
SWMBO drives a 97 Town & Country AWD van. After the initial rush of fixing all
the things that made previous owners give up the two Audis they have been very
reliable. This is with a total of 400k miles on them. Never seen a flatbed.
The T&C needed a new ABS brain and pump after about 6 months and a new CD
player just recently. All under warranty, but the van has only 15k miles! I
have owned 7 Audis counting the present two, and I have found them to be
excellent cars if they are properly maintained.