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ur-Q Starter Solenoid death


The later 200TQ's use a heat shield (with asbestos?) around
the starter solenoid to reflect the heat from the exhaust .
I don't know if your ur-Q came with a heat shield but if it
doesn't have one the generic auto-parts stores typically
carry one for the American V8 engines. This solenoid death
was a typical problem with Chevy V8's that somehow had lost
their starter heat shields.

Scott Mo.
> From: Robert Houk - 
> Subject: Re: 200Q no start
> My UrQ starter/solenoid is a semibiannual replacement
component, the
> effing "solenoid" (that's 'Murican term) is embedded
inside the starter
> moter assembly, and dies fairly regularly (two-to-three
years' lifespan
> seems typical...), necessating replacement of the
"starter". <snip>