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Re: ur-Q Starter Solenoid death


> From: Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com>
> ... yes, the urQ had a heat shield over the starter ... a
big stamped metal piece that covers both the starter
solenoid and the
motor itself. My urQ did not have one on the starter
originally, and I
had some problems with the solenoid pulling in when the
engine was

Thanks for the great info on the heat shield options for
the ur-Q and the 5000/200TQ.

>If I have a similar problem in  the future I'll probably
>install a "load reduction" relay between the  switch and
>the solenoid to minimize the voltage drop to the solenoid.
 >in my situation above I found that the solenoid wouldn't
>even click with  the starter switch, but if I hooked a
>wire up from the battery lead
>directly to the solenoid it would pull in immediately.  

We used a similar solution when I worked at VW in the early
'80's for the 6V Air-cooled VW's and also on the Automatic
transmission equipped Rabbits. The AT Rabbit starter was
mounted on the back side of the engine underneath the
exhaust manifold and even the factory rebuilt starters
would have hot start problems after being replaced. On the
Rabbits, a 3 terminal generic 12V Ford starter
relay/solenoid available from any auto parts store would
work great when mounted near the starter and 10 gauge wires
were used between the relay and the starter/battery
connection. The original solenoid wire from the ignition
switch was connected to operate this relay.

Scott Mo.