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Re: TDI Technology


Here are some recent SAE articles on Turbos, variable vane
technology etc. The first two digits indicate the year the
technical paper was published. They make great reading for
those nights when you can't fall asleep... :-)

the papers can be ordered from SAE at


890645	Variable geometry turbocharger with electronic
890646	Performance development of the Holset variable
geometry turbocharger       								
891873	Study of variable scroll type turbocharger
(performance test in diesel engine)       								
891874	Study of variable scroll type turbocharger
(determination of shape of scroll)       								
900889	Electronic control of a variable geometry
901601	Theoretical  investigation of the matching between
an I.C.E. and a turbocharger       								
902263	The impact of elevated turbocharger outlet
conditions on charge air cooler durability       								
910418	Second law analysis of turbocharged engine

920041	The aerodynamic design of variable power turbines
for turbochargers       								
920042	Flow measurements at the inlet of a turbocharger

930194	Reliability on variable geometry turbine

952102	Development of variable nozzle turbocharger~Part
1~axially movable turbocharger       								
952285	The design, development and testing of HP 
turbocharger centrifugal compressor       								
960018	Development of turbocharger for improving passenger
car acceleration       								
961747	Performance development of a new axially moveable
vane turbocharger       								
962500	Alternative performance turbocharger bearing design 
970205	Analysis of thermal loading in a turbocharged
gasoline engine       								
971565	On-engine turbocharger turbine inlet flow
971566	Characterization and modeling of turbocharger
dynamic performance								

Scott Mo.

> Paul asked:
> The latest issue of VW/Audi Car from england had a nice
> atricle on Audi/VW's TDI motor technology.  The V6 2.5
> twin turbo with 220 ft-lb's of torque sounded nice.  The 
> thing that really caught my eye was that they were using 
> a variable vane turbo technology.  <snip>
> does anyone have anything techy on this little beasty?
> Maybe an SAE article or something?