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Fwd: 82 4000S No Start

>Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 17:30:20 -0500
>From: Lenny Seidman <lseidman@erols.com>
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>Subject: 82 4000S No Start
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>My newly purchased 82 4000s has been trouble free until this morning.
>Last night was the first really cold night here in Philly(10). When I
>went out to start the car this afternoon(temp still in the 20's) the
>starter would crank fine but the car just wouldn't fire-up and run. I
>tried without gas for several times. Then with giving it gas as I turned
>the key and starter. Nothing.  After cranking a while the starter began
>to sound slower so I removed the battery and put acharger on it.
>This is the first (believe it or not) fuel injected car I have owned so
>I'm not sure what to check or look for. I have a feeling its a moisture
>problem-possible water in the lines or injectors that froze. I took off
>the spark plug closest to the front and it was dry as a bone.
>Any suggestions?
>Lenny Seidman


The first thing I would check for is a gas line freeze up.  Quite often on
the first real freeze the small amount of water that was in your tank and
fuel lines finally freezes and there is no fuel delivery.  Dry gas will
solve the problem but I'm told is not good for the lines feeding the
injectors, so use it sparingly.  You will need to somehow defrost the car
ie: put it in an above freezing garage to make the lines unfreeze.  Then,
add the a can of dry gas and run the car.  Don't add more than one can.  It
should work OK.  BTW it is supposed to get warmer on the East coast Friday
and Saturday so you may not need the heated garage if you can wait a bit.
Just make sure you add the dry gas to the tank to clear any potential water



TO THE LIST: Is there anything better (more injector line friendly) than
dry gas to allow the water get out of the system if this is his problem??