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Cleaning House, Audi stuff F/S

I unearthed another pile of Audi crap that is headign for the scrap heap:

set of early (80-83) 5000 doors and windows 
early 5000s front spoiler
4000q radiator
several 4000/coupe airboxes
two 5000 airboxes
5000s fuel distributor
85 coupe trans 5spd
84 4kq front axles with good boots and cv's
85 coupe front axles
Lots of auto tranny parts
Lots of Quattro tranny parts
85 5000s hood and fenders
5000s door shells
Lots of misc relays
a few sets of quad headlamps for 4000
2 5000s master cylinders
1 coupe master cyl w booster and pedals
two 4000 guel tanks w/sender
4kq fuel sender good shape
5k oil pan
4kq oil pan
dual knock sensor harness, 1990 200Q

And still unearthing parts
All parts are located in Texas best offer buyer pays shipping.