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S2 Engine dilemma (sorta long)

So now that I am 3B-less...again...my dad and I are deliberating as to
what to do with my engine situation.

Right now, I am considering two things on the S2...building the 2.3L 20v
NA motor I have (which is what Ron Wood did with Rui's car) OR I am
seriously considering using the MC motor I have, that was going to go
into the 4kq project. 

There are three reasons I am considering the 10vt right now:

1) Time constraints; a 20vt IS going to go into the car eventually, BUT
I want to make sure that it is built right, and all the good pieces are
used.  I want to have the car ready for Wild West in April, and
unfortunately, time and budget constraints hinder my ability to develop
a strong 20vt in a few months time, in order to meet my deadline.

2) Budget; I estimated, using a Motronic ECU, I am going to be dumping a
good $4000+ into the 20vt ($6K+ w/MoTec) (yes, I buy at wholesale
prices, which is why it is relatively cheap).  This is all fine and
dandy, BUT right now I am out $2300 for the next "4-6 weeks" from the
botched 3B deal, so cash is definitely an issue.

3) If I go ahead and do the MC transplant in the 4kq, I'm going to have
to freshen it and do all the same work anyway, so I might as well do it
now, and then when the 20vt is finished, I can take the 10vt out and put
it in the 4kq, which is still driveable (well, sorta =).

So basically, to sum it up, I am about 90% convinced of building the
10vt to put into the S2 for the time being (ala Frank Sprongl =).  The
20vt will be developed in the meantime, as budgeting allows, and within
an estimated 6 - 9 months, I will be ready for the swap.

As for the 10vt, here are some of the pieces I am intending to

-new Mahle forged pistons
-Total Seal rings
-new oil pump
-new gaskets
-Schneider reworked cam
-larger injectors (there is a guy in town who's REALLY good with
injectors and CIS and can work up some new injectors with more flow,
-new valve springs
-custom stainless manifold
-hybrid K26/K27 turbo
etc., etc.

I am intending to use the Mac 11 ECU and will rework it/have it reworked
to change the fuel cutoff for the stiffer wastegate spring.  I am
expecting that this engine, if built right, can easily yield 300 - 350

Any thoughts?

-mark nelson