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re: piston for mc engine; overheating of cylinders.

<<Also: didn't the 3B engine that Mark Nelson purchased have low
compression in one cylinder? related?>>

Interesting you brought this up.  The 3B that I was_going_to_buy w/85K
had consistent compression on all five...or so I was told.  I know that
Brandon Hull had the number 5-cyl kind of weak on the 3B he bought.

The reason I say this was interesting, is because after a month of
hounding the salvage company to ship the thing, I come to find out that
the engine had damage to the block and head AND it was out of a '91 200
FWD...ala no 3B =(.  So after months of telling them that it had to be a
Q, and asking them to make sure, I almost got screwed on that deal
royally.  I still am screwing with them to get them to reimburse my
credit card for the $2300 for the engine and shipping!  I've been pretty
pissed with this company since I've done business with them in the past,
and always got the correct merchandise, and now they're dicking me
around.  I bought 10 Fuchs alloys in great shape through them for $800
inc. shipping a few weeks back, and was very happy with that deal.
Unfortunately I've just been kinda screwed by this engine deal and am
now going through my credit card company to get my account credited.  

Next problem...

-mark nelson