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Re: Free MSD-6

Janet Scruggs wrote:
> Yes, friends... you heard me correctly!  There is a free... I said FREE...
> MSD-6 ignition system in your future, if... you have both an Audi Turbo...
> quattro or not... and are able to spend a day in beautiful El Paso, Texas!!
> Here's the story.  I bought an MSD-6 for my '87 5kCSq last November and
> have not been able to get it to work... can't find a trigger pulse.  After
> several (several means we are on first name basis) calls to the MSD Tech
> Support folks, they are at a loss why it won't work.  I've faxed them pages
> upon pages of schematics from my Bentley and have convinced them of my
> electrical prowess, but... we can't get it to work.  They tell me that if
> someone will volunteer their similar car, and some time, to figure out how
> to make this particular system work with their product they will gladly
> give up an MSD-6 unit.
> Any interest?  Get back to me and I'll arrange contact with the MSD folks.
> Regards,  Gross Scruggs
> scruggs@mbay.net

How about separate crank trigger?

Mike Z