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Free MSD-6

Yes, friends... you heard me correctly!  There is a free... I said FREE...
MSD-6 ignition system in your future, if... you have both an Audi Turbo...
quattro or not... and are able to spend a day in beautiful El Paso, Texas!!

Here's the story.  I bought an MSD-6 for my '87 5kCSq last November and
have not been able to get it to work... can't find a trigger pulse.  After
several (several means we are on first name basis) calls to the MSD Tech
Support folks, they are at a loss why it won't work.  I've faxed them pages
upon pages of schematics from my Bentley and have convinced them of my
electrical prowess, but... we can't get it to work.  They tell me that if
someone will volunteer their similar car, and some time, to figure out how
to make this particular system work with their product they will gladly
give up an MSD-6 unit.

Any interest?  Get back to me and I'll arrange contact with the MSD folks.

Regards,  Gross Scruggs