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Re: Seals for 5kcstq Bomb

> I have some N 013 812 8 aluminum seals, and also some N 013 811 5.
> Which of these is the correct size for the two banjo bolts on the 
> brake pressure accumulator?

According to the parts fiche, one goes at the PS pump end
and the other at the bomb end of the hose, but it doesn't
say which is which.

The -5 is 10x13.5 and the -8 12x15.5mm.  The banjo bolt at the
pump end is LL6 and at the bomb end is LL8.

The fiche indicates that the other high pressure fitting is a flare
fitting.  I don't remember whether mine was.

It would appear that the larger of the two would be required at
the bomb end of the hose that goes to the PS pump.