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Re: MAC11b ECU Trials & Tribulations

> BTW, I forgot to mention in my previous post that when
> I first hooked up the salvaged ECU, I noticed that two
> of the wires in the ECU harness were cut. Christmas
> day I looked up these wires in the Bentley to find they
> go to the "ignition booster".

I'd double check that.  There are two wires that are supposed
to be cut.  One is for auto transmission and the other is
for CA emissions.

> I hooked them back up last weekend, and it seems like
> I'm getting a bit more power. Is the "ignition booster"
> responsible for advancing the ignition timing?

Nope, the computer itself does that.  If the ignition booster
wires were cut, you wouldn't get a spark... the Bentley
diagram yet again fails in this area.  There _is_ a connection
between the ignition booster and the coil.  In fact,
the "ignition booster" is nothing more than the power
transistor that drives the coil.