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I used to have back-ups

     Up until someone proposed a collection of backup vehicles I thought I had
things covered.  The daily driver, an '87 5K CSTQ, was backed up by an '87 5K
CSTQ.  When the main car died two weeks ago, it became the primary.  But it
was jinxed by the question, so it decided to quit Friday night.  (Fuel pump it
     The back-up to the second quat is a '76 Caprice with a 454 inside (235
whopping horsepower in a 4600 pound vehicle).  Friday night when it was
elevated to primary status it refused to start.
     The other back-up is an '80 Suzuki 850 GS.  But it is trapped in the shop
behind the first quat and can't be gotten out.  The two go carts are likewise
     So I was down to bumming a ride from either my wife or my son.

     Oh, well.  I've got some stuff to go fix......

     Still Confused and Repairing in Bucksnort.