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And you thought you had a life....

I found this on Cartalk and thought y'all might enjoy it.

>This is the fifth mini-van I've had. The first was a Toyota, the second
a 4 wheel drive Toyota (both >pre- Previa). The 3rd  was a Ford Aerostar
all-wheel drive, the 4th a 1994 all-wheel drive Town >& Country, and the
current Town & Country,  which is front wheel drive. Each vehicle has
been >better than the one before it, and the newest is far and away the
best. Of course my wife drives an >Audi A4 Quattro, so you know who
calls the shots in our house!

I thought life was too short to drive a mini-van!

Perhaps a survey should be taken. Who calls the 'shots' in your house?


Addendum: Tyrannosaurus Rex dino oil is the best!  A true multiblend.
Hard to find tho'.