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Re: Headlight Conversion Preference Query

Greg & Britt wrote:
> --
> Tony Lum wrote:
> >
> > You do have to rewire
> > by switching the center and left wires in the bulb base socket.
> Iím assuming that the Ground and one lamp lead are switched, similar to
> high power H4sí, correct?
> > BTW, how did you clean the inside of the headlight lens?
> I removed the lights from the car, then used long thin hemostats
> gripping paper towels slightly dampened w/ windex thru the lamp hole.
> You canít clean in front of the parking lamps though. They have an
> internal lens behind the front lens. All of the fogging was on the
> inside of the front lens.
> For additional lighting with these lamps Iím going to rewire them
> w/relays to operate the low beams simultaineous with the high beams.
> Will post the results when Iíve finishd it.

If you're talking about dual-filament lamps (9004, 9007, H4) the results
will be blown bulbs in 5 minutes to 5 hours. BTDT. There's more heat
there than it's designed for.

> GT
> 84 5KT
> 87 5KCST
> P.S. The salvage yard that you bought the lights and grille from have
> the best price on new bombs that Iíve seen.