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Re: Headlight Conversion Preference Query

Tony Lum wrote:
> You do have to rewire
> by switching the center and left wires in the bulb base socket. 

Iím assuming that the Ground and one lamp lead are switched, similar to
high power H4sí, correct?

> BTW, how did you clean the inside of the headlight lens?

I removed the lights from the car, then used long thin hemostats
gripping paper towels slightly dampened w/ windex thru the lamp hole.
You canít clean in front of the parking lamps though. They have an
internal lens behind the front lens. All of the fogging was on the
inside of the front lens.

For additional lighting with these lamps Iím going to rewire them
w/relays to operate the low beams simultaineous with the high beams.
Will post the results when Iíve finishd it.

84 5KT
87 5KCST

P.S. The salvage yard that you bought the lights and grille from have
the best price on new bombs that Iíve seen.