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Re: Headlight Conversion Preference Query

At 09:14 PM 1/3/98 +0000, you wrote:
>And most importantly, I'd like to hear comments from people
>who have seen the light quality from both systems, and how
>they compare to each other (we already know how they compare
>to the stock US 5000TQ headlights!).
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I've made the switch back and I'm satisfied with the light output.  My
stock headlights were so frosted inside they looked more like shower glass
doors than headlights, so I got a set of older lights and grill for $300
from German Auto Salvage in Berkeley.  Before installing them I ground off
2 of "keys" which will allow me to run 9007 lights (which I'll use with
relays) for a little more intensity.


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