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V8 Shake Down Cruise (Day 2)

This is the second part of a five part series.

Vital Statisitcs:
Leg: Chicago, IL-Toledo, OH
Miles: 235
Avg MPG: 21.4
Avg MPH: 76 (includes 1 pit stop)
Satisfaction Level: 110%

The second leg of the V8 shake down cruise was a total success. The V8
is truly a top notch touring machine, taking the short 235 miles trip in
stride without even breaking a sweat. Albeit the trip is somewhat boring
(straight road, interstate, no snow or rain) it shows that the V8 can
deliver an enormous amount of pleasure just cruising down the highway
knocking off a BMW 525, Mercedes E300 series, 16V VW Scirocco
(Spelling?) in short order. 

The new Valentine-1 helped tremendously in maintaining the average MPH
at a respectable level, shooting down an Indiana State Trooper with
instant-on Ka and an Ohio Trooper trying to come through the back door.
All identified in more than enough time to recalibrate my right foot for
a few miles.

The wheel balance cleared up the vibration with nothing detected up to
85 MPH. Smo-o-o-oth as silk! 

However, it appears that the passenger side door is not functioning
properly in the alarm circuit. When opening the passenger side door with
the key, the alarm sounds until reset from the drivers side with the
door key. According to the owners manual, the alarm is supposed to be
disarmed when opening either the driver's or passenger's side door. Has
anybody experienced anything like this before??

Tomorrow: A cruise down RT 2 to Oak Harbor, IL, then back to the Motor
City (Detroit).