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Re: Airbag recall questions


I don't know how similar the recall is on our cars, I have a '90 Coupe q.

When I picked my car up from the recall work, the mechanic told me he
removed a couple relays from underneath the rear seat. Apperantly the module
he installed in the dash replaced the relays.

I think the only reason he told me about this was because I had some wiring
for the stereo underneath there and he didn't want me to worry when I saw
the missing pieces.

Sounds like you may be in a similar situation.

'90 Coupe q

>Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 22:56:41 EST
>From: AudiJeep <AudiJeep@aol.com>
>Subject: Airbag recall questions
>Fellow listers,
>This afternoon while checking on my battery under my back seat, I noticed
>wiring harnesses that were not connected to anything. This worried me
>I've been under the back seat before, and there were no unconnected
>there before. Upon consulting my Bentley, the one harness is supposed to be
>connected to the airbag energy reserve, and the other to the airbag voltage
>transformer. Neither of these two components are there any more. I have
>already had the recall work done on the airbag system. The airbag light
>comes on at startup, and promptly goes off, so the system is not sensing
>problems. Are these components replaced by something else by the recall, or
>were they removed and not replaced by mistake? The dealer will be getting a
>call Monday, but I figured I'd check the list first. Thanks.
>'92 100S (68k)