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Airbag recall questions

Fellow listers,
This afternoon while checking on my battery under my back seat, I noticed two
wiring harnesses that were not connected to anything. This worried me because
I've been under the back seat before, and there were no unconnected harnesses
there before. Upon consulting my Bentley, the one harness is supposed to be
connected to the airbag energy reserve, and the other to the airbag voltage
transformer. Neither of these two components are there any more. I have
already had the recall work done on the airbag system. The airbag light only
comes on at startup, and promptly goes off, so the system is not sensing any
problems. Are these components replaced by something else by the recall, or
were they removed and not replaced by mistake? The dealer will be getting a
call Monday, but I figured I'd check the list first. Thanks.

'92 100S (68k)