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Odd tranny problem

Fellow listers,
An odd tranny problem has come up in the last week or so in my '92 100S
autobox.  It started last week when my inclined driveway was snow-covered. I
only got part way up before I lost traction, so I hit the brakes, knowing
spinning tire is a good way to burn out the tranny. Well, the car stalled. At
the time I thought nothing of it. Now five times in the last week my car has
stalled when I come to a stop. What happens is it seems the car is not
disengaging from being in gear when I stop (like leaving a 5 sp in gear and
stopping with the clutch out). The tranny has had some seals replaced in the
past, but no internal work. But the garage did overfill the tranny by accident
when they replaced the seals.