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Re: Fair price for 95 A6 Quattro?

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From: Tur <getur@bellatlantic.net>

|Hmm! good question. Off hand I don't believe that the 60,000 includes a
|belt change. I remember the sales guy looking through the maintenance book
|saying that they could good do that scheduled maintenance without any
|problems. Given the cost of a timing belt change I imagine he would have
|turned that proposal down right away. A tuneup and minor body work probably
|won't run more than a $100 to $200 for the dealer.


The timing belt gets changed at 90 000 km, close enough to 60 000 miles,
according to the factory service schedules.  If the belt is not changed at
60 000 miles, it'd better been done earlier...

Ive seen more than enough failed belts :^(  in customers' cars, don't skimp
here!  Demand that it be done.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
Your (sometimes-too-careful) Audi Dealer in Finland