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Re: Fair price for 95 A6 Quattro?

At 11:38 PM 1/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Curious to see what this usenet thinks is a good price for a 95 A6
> The A6 has 53000 miles on it and is in pretty good shape body
>wise, a bunch of scratches and one scuff mark, about six inches long, on
>the lower rear passenger door. The interior is in very good shape and
>the previous owner had installed a Sony 10 CD changer. The previous
>owner had also replaced the front two tires at about 40000 miles. The
>brake pads looked like they still had some mileage left in them. The
>records show that the maintenance schedule was followed religiously and
>done at the dealer, it was a lease and I think that is one of the
>conditions of the lease.
>The car is an automatic, which is what my wife wants, and it was pretty
>sluggish off the line but  once it got past thirty or so it was much
>more responsive. Is this type of performance typical of this model? Our
>87 5000tq, with manual trans, felt more lively off the line than this
>The original asking price on this A6 was 22500. We offered 20000 and the
>dealer went down to 21000 with a 60000 mile scheduled maintenance, and
>body work detailing, touch up paint job, thrown in.  We're mulling this
>over right now, but we really don't know who is closer to the "fair"
>market price, them or us? I've seen on the net that dealers are
>generally asking around this price range for Quattros with this mileage,
>but I don't know if they are getting it.
>Any thoughts on the deal?


I just paid $20,000 for an A6 Quattro 5 speed (difficult to find and
commands a premium price)
with 58,000 miles on it.  This car came back from lease and it qualified as
an "Audi Assured" vehicle.
As a result it also came with a 2 year 24,000 mile new car warrantee
(bumper to bumper not just drivetrain)  The 60,000 mile check was done at
N/C (this is an expensive one cause it includes the timing belt) and I have
already had some window switches, temp sensors, wind noise fixes repaired
under aforementioned warrantee.  They also bought me four new tires because
the tires on the car were not matched. Your deal seems high priced and
insufficiently warranteed compared to most deals that are around on these
cars.  Is this an Audi dealer that is selling the car? A6es with slushboxes
are coming back off lease are quite plentiful right now at Audi dealers.  I
know I just spent 6 months looking for a 5 speed.  If the Audi dealer who
takes it back off lease, sells it there are added incentives from Audi for
doing so.  I'd keep looking around.  If you are interested in my dealer in
CT who will deal E-Mail me back

Hope this helps