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Starter/Lighting Thanks

Hi folks,
    I was going to send everyone who helped me out a personal e-mail
thanking them, but the list grew a bit too large for that. My starter
problem on the 200q is being fixed by replacing the starter. Unfortunately,
I no longer have even the most basic tools or even a test lamp to do any
work on my Q myself. Working for the dealer you'd think I have ready access
to the most expensive of tools, but this isn't the case. I plan to remedy
the tool-less situation fairly soon. I pace like an soon to be father in a
delivery room when my car is worked on by foreign hands.
     So without the most basic of tools, I couldn't diagnose the problem
with the 200q be it starter, solenoid, or ignition switch. The service
manager told me that it was the starter, I quized him on why and the truth
was that he was told that by the mechanic. He didn't know how it was
tested. If he replaces it and the Q still doesn't start because the problem
was the ignition switch, we're gonna have some heated words. 
     Anyway.. Thank you very much on all the messages I received on the
problem. I'm sorry I ended up sending three posts to the list on it. Your
help was MUCH appreciated. Driving the Ply. Breeze they've given me for a
demo has made me appreciate the 200q quite a bit more, I'm no longer
thinking of selling. However, I do have quite an appreciation for
cupholders and guess what? The demo has em'! 

On the lighting problem for the 91 Vw Golf: Relay(s) will be installed for
the fog lamps and although I haven't confirmed this at home yet, the
problem was more than likely a bad fuse. Thanks again!

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K
98 Plymouth Breeze Demo