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'90 V8q Red 97k $8995

Hey y'all,
Saw this car the other day:
1990 V8Q Red/black 97k
automatic for 8995.

Looks nice, interior is great.  has the audi phone,
small scratch in the rear bumper


at a used car lot in Columbus Ohio
I can get the number if anyone is interested.

I drove it.  runs strong.  needs an alignment, and probably front rotors 
and pads (shimmy/wabble when braking)

Other than that, seems like a good car for the money.  The dealer knew 
nothing about the car, or audis so it could be had for less money i'm 

all disclaimers apply.  want it to go to a good home.


Bryan Bowen
Elon College, NC
International Business Major/Spanish Minor

'86 CGT Comm. Ed. (Gone, but not forgotten!)
'93 Explorer 4x4 (close but no Q!)
Looking for an '88-89 90q