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Rear Signal Lense Wanted

Hi Q-Listers,

My '89 Audi-90 (auto/non-q) just had its "rear signal lense (left/driver side)"
crushed by the unconsidered idiot who drives the SUV w/ the big-ugly-grill in
the front and doesn't know how to park it.  (Or, may be he/she knows how to
park, but doesn't give a damm w/ the others' smaller cars.  Well...it's life in
the Big Apple city.)

Anyway, does any one of us on this Q-list has a "left rear signal lense" (or can
get the used one from the bone yards in your area) for sale?  (I tried the bone
yards in my area--NY City (Queens & Brooklyn), however, no lucks--it seems there
is not so many Audi-90 around here.)

Or, can some one give me the place where I can get this lense cheap?  (To save
the B/W for other Q-listers, could you pls reply directly to my e-mail address

Many thanks & Happy New Year to all,
'89-90 (auto/non-q)  70+K miles
Amnat (Nat) Choeypatkul
Global Telecom Unit, UNICEF - IRM, 3 United Nations Plaza (TA-22A), NYC, N.Y.
Internet Mail:  achoeypatkul@unicef.org
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