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Re: "60 Minutes"

In a message dated 98-01-04 21:52:17 EST, EFergu6410@aol.com writes:

<< Mios Dios, _please_ don't bring that up again, as my dad was an
 audi/vw/porsche dealer at that time, we DON'T have fond memories.  BTW, still
 can't figure out how someone can't tell the difference between the gas &
 pedal.  Audi won the law suit, but the sales battle is far from over, people
 still (unfortunately) remember drivers' mistakes.
 -Eric Ferguson >>

Sorry to hear that...BUT>>>>   People who chose not to think for themselves
dont deserve to have an Audi anyway!!!!  They might as well be commies and
have the government tell them what to drive.... who to marry...what to eat....
I mean COME ON FOLKS !!!   Does ED Bradley realize how similar an Audi Fuel
Injection systems are  to say???--- BMW?  PORSCHE? LOTUS? FERRARI???ALFA?
ROLLS ROYCE?  Well There pretty Figgin similar all made by the same
company.... Our Friend  Robert Bosch ,Gmbh...........But it Just so happend
that these Idiots Drove an Audi... Too Bad Really...