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Re: Bolt extraction process

Gross Scruggs wrote:
> Igor, your ingenuity and perseverance never ceases to impress me.  But may
> I suggest a potential shortcut?  Before resorting to the "easyout" process,
> use a left-handed drill bit to make the hole.  The heat of drilling
> combined with the left-handed direction will often back out a broken stud.
> I've used this technique five or six times and have yet to need the
> easyout.  Liberal application of Kroil, or your favorite penetrating oil,
> adds to the possibility of success.  I bought a set of three left-handed
> bits from Eastwood, and although not inexpensive have been worth the money.

I have done this quite successefully as well. However, my smaller drill
(B&D) does not have a reverse, and my reversible drill (Milwakee) doe
not fit inbetween the EM and the back end of the airbox. Even with the
angle chuck attachement.

Gross is right, folks. One could use just a LH drill bit if he had a
small enough angle drill to work with.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- FINALLY!
Philadelphia, PA