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Re: MSD-6

Gross noted,
 The real input/output lines are on the bottom of the
>coil... hidden from view and unreferenced.  Now everything works 
I should have told you that, I was thinking of my UrQ coil, not the 
5000/200 type coil.

 This occurs when starting at about 2krpm and
>misses at about 4krpm.  When revving slowly to 3.5krpm then nailing it,
>there is nice seamless power to 6krpm.  So I think I'm running out of 

I experienced this as well, (Have to sneak up on WOT)combo of high boost 
and possibly fuel, though CIS set up on the UrQ is a bit higher flow I 
believe than your car, this was before my rebuild, no problems 

>Are you saying that with your MSD you can run 2 psi more, or that with 
>the extra 2 psi occurred naturally? 

Yes "naturally" 2 PSI over no coil no box no other variables YMMV, I 
don't run over 16 PSI.

The low setting on my HKS EVC is at
>~14psi and I've not yet tried the high setting, which is about 18 psi.

Just make sure you've got good gas for anything over 1 bar!
Have fun,

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