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Re: Rally Car Prep

Mike Wrote...

>My next major step will be getting a 
>crash box and learning to use it to my advantage and maintain it. I found 
>a shop in England that will build me a nice one(good to about 350 hp)and 
>will with some care survive many clutchless shifts. This is 1999 project.

The tranny and drive train really are key.  I am hoping to find a used
group a gearbox for my GTX.  Any leads?  I was up til 2:30 last night
installing a new tranny in the car (standard ratios).  This morning 
was the most painful since Prescott, when Mark and I didn't get in til 3 am! 

>In 98 I hope to get AP breaks,16 Compomotive wheels , LSD rear and 
>tubular rear subframe to replace my week one. I also elected to get my 
>fule cell modifyed to have a filler cap right on it and not outside on 
>body work. 

I was considering going to 15's so that I can do an RX7 brake conversion,
but I need more power and/or lower gearing first.  I have the LSD rear,
lockable centre, and a good cage already.  I plan on doing a rear mounted
battery first, and leave the stock gas tank alone for now.

>When in England I visited Deemon Tweeks and picked MOMO 1000 
>Lakes seats. They are Kevlar, and inexpencive ($500 US plus shipping)
>They are made for rally and are reenforced. 

I was at Sube sports over the holidays getting fitted for SPARCO suits,
a new helmet (Bell Mag4) and seats.  They distribute the Cobra seats and
have a Kevlar seat for $400+ (Imola 2).  I plan on getting one and a 
co-driver seat very soon (Sebring).  With the seat install comes the
the foot boxand dead pedal.

>Also I am going to get a set 
>of jack stands that attach to tubes that are wleded into rocker pannels.
>They are cheep and very convenient. Bodywork is required to install 
>attachment tubes. That however will allow me to use the famous monkey on 
>a stick jack.

I would appreciate a better description of this.  Are these the same
front a rear mounts used by the twirling stands used during car prep?

> Trips to England help my learning curve. Good luck.Want to hear how you 
> progress.
> Mike Z

I hope to bring the car to thunderhills and get used to some tarmac driving.
That should be good training for the Escinada 2000 event coming up first
this season in SoPac/CRS.  It is supposed to be a blast.

paul timmerman