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More Passat info (US Spec)

Hi All,
	On my way across town today I stopped in at Marten's VW Volvo in DC. I
looked around their back lot for a while and found two Passat V6 GLSs. They
are marked only Passat V6 on the back. The sticker says that the wood trim
is REAL. Won't find that in a Camry.
	Of particular note is the price. The car I was looking at was the metallic
silver blue with automatic tranny and sunroof, not to mention the V6. The
price was $23,500. That is CHEAP IMHO. Lets figure in $1500 or so for
Syncro and the other GLX goodies like leather etc might come in at another
$2000. That puts a fully loaded GLX sedan model at $27,000 if you opt for
the automatic tranny, and if not (most of us probably won't) you save
$1000, bringing it down to $26,000 realistically. I personally find that
very attractive for an all wheel drive six cylinder car.
	The Passat may look more plain and as my sister said, Camryish (she's a
car snob, and it must have the roundel or more importantly the 4 rings to
meet her quality standards), but at the pricing they are sending it out at,
this could be one heck of a seller. 
	Of note, Martens also had a '98 GLX in dark green with 5-spoke
Pinninfarina rims, and a '98 Silver Arrow Jetta K2.