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Re: Audi A8 factory spiff?

IAC (If Anyone Cares) - the ad is for Clair Audi, 617-469-1000

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>Mike wrote:
>> A local Boston dealer has an ad claiming $10,000 off '97 A8's.  This
>> usually indicates a factory-to-dealer spiff.
>> I am nothing like in the market for an A8 but thought someone might
>> Can anyone confirm?
>I'm not sure about 10,000 off but I do know that we have a 97 A8, NON
>Quattro, Smaller engine that has a 1,000 salesman spiff on it. It's
>possible that Audi has a 10,000 spiff on it for the dealership if they have
>a 1,000 spiff for the  salesman.
>Certain A8's are very difficult to move. Or so I've been told.
>Osman Parvez
>Albany, NY
>89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K

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