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Re: crutchfield harness for 200 regular radio

> A few weeks ago there was some dicussion about using the cructhfield
> harness on a 200 with the Bose system, and the consensus was that it
> didn't work properly. I was wondering about the harness for the 200 with
> the normal delta stereo system, do they make one for this model and does
> it work? Thanks.
> -
> Dave Lawson

         Last spring I installed a Kenwood head unit using a Crutchfield
wiring harness adapter. It was the latest of many purchases through
Crutchfield, and I never had a problem previously. This time, they sent me
the wrong adapter for the harness. Within three days, I had the correct
adapter in my hands and it was essentially plug and play. The only trouble
was that the harness didn't include a dimmer switched wire, so until I have
time to put one to the head unit, I'm stuck with bright glare at night.
Since I've got what seems to be an endless repair list to do on the car, I
haven't given much thought to opening her back up and correcting the fault.

Good luck.
Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K