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RE: Clickity-click (relay noise)


This happened to me a while back. I dunno what caused it but it went
away. In my case it seemed more a problem in colder weather/cold car. I
checked/tightened the relays under the drivers knee panel. Haven't heard
it since. Let me know if there is a more determinative solution.



   "Anyone BTDT in terms of 1990 200 tqw intermitent relay clicking from
driver's side behind dashboard.  Can't
isolate any problem.  I start up, drive, and a few minutes later, I can
hear a relay intermitently clicking--about
twice every three seconds for an indeterminate time (typically 3 to 8
seconds), then silence, then more clicking.
Not "sensitive" to shutting down climate control, lights, turn signals,
rocket launchers, etc.    No other obvious
faults.  Runs fine, drives like an Audi, but the clicking is getting
more insistent.  This has happened before but
"went away."  (Thank you Audi Gods!) Any ideas?  Please reply to my
email address.  I'me about a month behind on
reading the digest.  " END QUOTE