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RE: Tire Question...


I have 205/50/16 Comp TA VR4's on my 91 200q. They were on my 86 5ktq.
They fit fine, have the footprint of a 215/60/15 (comparing to the Eagle
GA's (yech) which were on my 91 200q) and have an excellent treadlife -
best I've seen on a V/Z rated tire.

Noisy? Yeah, a little. That's probably their downside, but the noise is
not excessive and the year-round performance is truly great for an all
season tire (no substitute for Hakka's, mind you). I've got around 35k
on mine and they're not at all bald on the sides.

I may go 225/50/16 Comp TA *ZR4* next. Had Comp TA ZR summers; very good
overall. Anyone BTDT on the ZR4?

Availability: I remember seeing them in the last issue of Car and Driver
at the Tire rack and or Discount. Unless they've sold out.



91 200q TAP, Bil/Eib, etc
86 5ktq IA, Borla, etc