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Re: Odd tranny problem

AudiJeep decided to speak these words:

>An odd tranny problem has come up in the last week or so in my '92 100S
>autobox.  It started last week when my inclined driveway was snow-covered. I
>only got part way up before I lost traction, so I hit the brakes, knowing
>spinning tire is a good way to burn out the tranny. Well, the car stalled. At
>the time I thought nothing of it. Now five times in the last week my car has
>stalled when I come to a stop. What happens is it seems the car is not
>disengaging from being in gear when I stop (like leaving a 5 sp in gear and
>stopping with the clutch out). The tranny has had some seals replaced in the
>past, but no internal work. But the garage did overfill the tranny by 
>when they replaced the seals. 

Is it possible that the torque converter isnt working correctly and the 
valve body isnt letting it unlock and disengage the gear?  I dunno much 
about autos, i only went to one 3 hour class on them, and that was months 
ago...i doubt this helps, but who knows eh?


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
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