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V8 Auto trans dip stick

 -=> Fbfish illuminates us with <=-

 Fb> Listers- Do I really have to pay $50 for a dipstick to check the ATF
 Fb> fluid level for my V8? Does anyone know of any other model of Audi with
 Fb> the same dipstick? Why would Audi sell these cars without a means to
 Fb> check the ATF fluid level? TIA
 Fb> Frank Santoro (FBFISH@aol.com)
 Fb> Kingsville Md
 Fb> 1990 V8

     NO, unless you misunderstood the price.  I bought the
     tranny dipstick for my '90V8Q from Mac at Clair for
     $14.01 .  Go to another dealer.


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