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Re: q-list memory lane (long and old)

>I spent some time in the archives, and bumped into the following two
>messages from 6 1/2 years ago from Tom, and I was wondering who is still
>with us?  Yes, I recognize many names, but I also know some who are gone.

>Eric Fluhr  gt6493c@prism.gatech.edu  '85 Audi Coupe GT

Shoot, as if my "quarter-century" birthday in December wasn't enough, I
get this little reminder that I am getting "old".  :-)

Yep, I am still here, although I have since graduated from good ole Ma Tech.
I am still driving the '85 Coupe GT, which I test-drove in January of 1991
(in fact, I was driving to the dealer to purchase the car, shortly thereafter,
when the radio announced that we had started bombing Iraq in the Gulf war!).
It looks [quite a bit] the worse for wear since then, but runs better than
it ever did before, and has gained received its fair share of performance

Over the years with the q-list, I have:
1) learned an incredible wealth of information, about Audi and life
2) received innumerable help from friendly listers
3) bought things at wonderful prices from various listers 
4) had the opportunity to complain about things, and have people SYMPATHIZE! :)
5) never been called a rutabaga by Unka Bart
6) been saddened by the conflict that occasionally arises
7) seen the list change hands
8) laughed with the many jokes and stylish personalities that exist out there
9) hopefully contributed a bit back to the list
10) matured quite a bit (tho' not entirely ;)

God willing, I will be around for many years yet to come.  Eventually, I
may even get that quattro I've been wanting.  Until then, I remain a
stalwart supporter of the "FWD-side" of the Audi "quattro-list".  ;-)

BTW, my backup vehicle is a 1991 Haro Extreme elevated chainstay mountain
bike.  At top speed, I can get from Autozone to my apartment in about
10 minutes.

'85 Coupe GT
Eric J. Fluhr                                Email:  ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com
630FP Logic/Circuit Design                   Phone:  (512) 838-7589
IBM Microelectronics Div.                    Austin, TX