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RE: q-list memory lane (long and old)

<I spent some time in the archives, and bumped into the following two
<messages from 6 1/2 years ago from Tom, and I was wondering who is still
<with us?  Yes, I recognize many names, but I also know some who are gone.
<Glen Powell  powell@interlan.interlan.com  '85 Audi Quattro  '73 PontiacFirebird

I'm still with you, been gone & back a couple of times due to job time demands....
Wow! 6 1/2 years, how the time flies by!

In order of acquisition:
73 RA IV 455HO 'Bird (ex SCCA CP race car, 'semi-converted back to street' :)
85 4KQ (first & only ever brand new car, gone now, bought for me by Cabletron)
85 ur-q (the same one as up above, now with the KUQEFH and 199,000+ miles)
86 4KQ (gone, sold to a skiing friend, still running strong, ex SOLO II car)
84 4KQ (ex SCCA SOLO II Championship car, 93, NER, wannahbe RR car)
87 5KTQW
88 5KTQ
84 4KQ (pahts cah for RR 4KQ)
75 Blazer, full-time AWD (plow truck)
69 Rupp GT350
73 Cat 340 Free Air (FOR SALE, many many new pahts!)
96 Ski-Doo 380 Touring longtrack

Anyone have a HD snowmobile they would be interested in selling?