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RE: Ur-Quattro Big Problem

I have seen a similar but less gross failure mode. I found small cracks
in the FW around the MC on my 85 ur-q at about 180,000 miles,
all with the original clutch. My theory is that as the clutch ages it
requires more and more force on the pedal to achieve complete
disengagement. On all Qs I have replaced clutches in (3) the pedal
effort has dropped substantially with the new clutch, so something
causes higher and higher pedal effort as it ages and/or as
lubrication goes away over time. I solved the FW cracks by hiring
a nuclear-certified welder (OK, perhaps a bit of overkill, but hey,
it's an 85! :) to TIG/MIG weld the cracks and I repainted it. Even if
I pointed it out to you it would be very difficult to detect this repair.
The welding was greatly facilitated by the fact that the engine
bay was empty at the time to install the KUQEFH. I highly recommend
that if you are experiencing a high level of clutch pedal effort that
it may be a good idea to replace the clutch before the FW develops
these cracks.....BTDT.....

Oh, the clutch in the 85 ur-q was only replaced because I was swapping
the KUQEFH in, the other two clutches were both in 5KTQs and were
only replaced due to throwout bearing failure, not clutch failure or wear.
The throwout bearing failure was, no doubt, a direct function of the
greatly increased pedal effort over time to achieve complete clutch


I have a buddy here in CT with an '83 Coupe Quattro. His clutch was
feeling a bit nebulous, so we decided to bleed the hydraulic line.

As I was doing my best contortionist/Quattro hug to get down there, I
was facing the clutch master cylinder. John started pumping the clutch
and I noticed that the firewall was flexing.

On closer inspection, I saw that his firewall was split. There's a huge
crack starting from about the 9 o'clock position (standing on front of
the car looking backwards at the firewall) and going down at about 45
degrees as far down as we can see. Every time he pushes on the clutch
the firewall flexes forward about 2 inches. This certainly explains the
nebulous-feeling clutch pedal.

Has anyone encountered this, and if so, what is the suggested fix?

Greg Amy
Milford, CT