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Re: Ur-Quattro Big Problem

> On closer inspection, I saw that his firewall was split. There's a 
> crack starting from about the 9 o'clock position (standing on front of
> the car looking backwards at the firewall) and going down at about 45
> degrees as far down as we can see. Every time he pushes on the clutch
> the firewall flexes forward about 2 inches

Had a similar  feature installed on my 81' 5+5.   I would assume the 
firewall would be no different.  Crack ran  along the seam joining 
the firewall and shift tunnel.  My crack (don't laugh) ran along this 
seam and ended up forward and  below shifter on  drivers side.   The 
rear transmission mount and a jerky clutch had managed to tear the 
seam apart.  Your crack seems to be  located in a different place 
,however, the fix may be the same.   I removed, peeled back all 
carpeting, laminants, console covers, etc, to expose the firewall 
from inside.  Then took car to a general welding place and asked 
them to run a bead along the seam/tear and weld in place a 
reinforcing plate.  Replaced everything, worked fine, and was under 
$70 for the welding.   

I thought the clutch/firewall tear thing was limited to the 
Golf/Jetta world???  

Pete Gotseff