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RE: List Members in European Car Magazine!

Actually I'm not surprised anymore with any errors that EC prints.   It
seems that they rush to get to the newsstands - I mean c'mon March issue
in mid Jan?  I have found so many typos, misprints, etc. in their mag
lately it just doesn't surprise me that they would replace K&N with
Cannon and not even notice it.  I still like their mag though. :^)
chris perry

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>Sent:	Thursday, January 22, 1998 2:57 AM
>To:	Ed Kellock; Quattro List
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>Yes, I'm sure that's it. But come on, the editors are car guys, no? K&N
>is one of the most ubiquitous aftermarket products extant- available for
>almost every car ever made (late models, anyway). I've never heard of a
>"Cannon" air filter. Has anyone else?
>Ed Kellock wrote:
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>> Sarge-Gorgeous car!!! Yes, I wondered what a "Cannon" air filter was
>> too...
>> ---------end---------
>> Just a thought...
>> I think a "Cannon" air filter might a misinterpretation of "K&N",
>> probably due to a spoken relay of information at some point.
>> Just guessing.
>> Ed