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RE: quattro-digest V4 #1585

err, sorry there is no such thing as no oil use... (pause for all the
replays from people saying 'my audi uses no oil!')

you are using oil all the time.  your use can be disguised by a number
of things.  most commonly by the dilution of combustion products (and
water) in the oil, particularly for those cars used for shorter trips
where the oil doesn't get up to normally operating temperatures.  you
usually notice this by a sudden drop in your oil level after the first
good long hard run you take in the car.  the oil level drops because
you're getting rid of the water and other condensate in the oil. cars
with frequent oil changes and mainly city use may never see significant
*use*, because of this effect disguising usage.

in addition, any oil not scrapped by the rings is burned, same goes for
the valve guides...

my rs2 used 1 litre of synth in 2,500km of hard driving on my recent
camping holidays.  am i worried.  not in the least...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>-----Original Message-----
>> Well, riddle me this:
>> If my motor is consuming a quart every 3-4k miles, but has no external
>> and runs at normal operating temps, where has that oil gone? Is there a
>> hole in my oil pan? There's some good sci-fi.
>No, in you piston rings or valve seals.