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Re: Running out of gas

Yes, but won't a small and diminishing amount of fuel sloshing around in the
bottom of the tank (a) disturb any layer of sediment coating the bottom (b)
result in a greater and greater concentration of sediment in suspension.
I have been thinking about this recently, as I have a problem with a
recently acquired '89 100, which does not like even running low on fuel -
even when a few gallons remain in the tank, anything like cornering which
sloshes the fuel around causes the pump to stars to change tone
intermittently and the engine to stall (but it always restarts immediately
on the key.)
Filling up the tank again removes the problem entirely. Replacing the fuel
filter did not change anything. Anyone with similar experiences ? - I was
wondering for example whether there might be some water contamination in
there. Any tips on draining the tank, beyond just siphoning it out with a
hosepipe ? (mildly amused - the spellchecker wanted to change the word
'hosepipe' to 'hospice'.......out of those beds, folks,  and take turns
sucking  on this hosepipe......)


Cumbria, UK.

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Subject: Re: Running out of gas

>I've been there too. More often than I'd like to admit.  I believe that the
>notion that crap in the bottom of the tank gets sucked into the sysem is a
>I would think that if there was sediment that could get through it would
>all the time since the sender gets fuel from the same place all of the
>Rob Winchell wrote:
>> Q -
>> A couple weeks back I ran the car out of gas (sputtering going in to the
>> station). Should I replace the fuel filter? I hear stories about sucking
>> the crap from the bottom of the tank into the fuel system when you run it
>> that low.
>> Also, do I have some other fuel filter (maybe closer to the tank) other
>> the one in the engine compartment?
>> Rob Winchell
>> 91 200Q